I have been shooting 'glamour' for a number of years now.

I have chosen this selection not because they are technically perfect (which I have no doubt they are not) but just because I like them. Some are recent; others not so; some of the models no longer model,(mores the pity); others are still active.

All the images shown are low-res but I can let you have high res images if you'd like.

And they are all my copyright...so no use without my permission.

In this day of the (often not very flattering) selfie it is easy to post photos on a modelling site and then expect photographers to flock to your door. It is much better to get quality images which flatter. If you are interested in modelling but have no images which you feel good enough for a portfolio I would be more than happy to help. After all aspiring models have to start somewhere.

If interested you can leave a message here or via purpleport.